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Racism in student fraternities

“The most dangerous worldviews are the worldviews of those who have never viewed the world.”
Alexander von Humboldt
We have been experiencing radical and racist actions all over the world but also directly in front of our doors.
According to police reports and statements by the state’s prosecutors office, members of the Normannia Fraternity Heidelberg have attacked a visitor to their fraternity house on August 28th 2020. The victim is said to have been belted, thrown at coins and abused anti-semitically by several residents in the Normannia house, after he had stated that he had Jewish ancestors.
This has been not the first racist action of the Normannia fraternity, nor the first including student fraternities in Heidelberg. The stories are not new, though thoroughly disgusting. There seems to be an acceptance among students and the University management to allow these fraternities to still practice, live and spread racism across the student network, the City of Heidelberg and beyond.
We – Flame2Fame – do not accept racism and we want to make a point – so we met up for a little photo shooting to state our case.
We condemn any racist behavior and we will not be silent about it.

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