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Black Friday Week?

“No person shall be favoured or disfavoured because of sex, parentage, language, homeland and origin, faith or religious or political opinions. No person shall be dis­favoured because of disability.” *

Article 3.1., Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany  *we excluded the word “race” from the quote, as we are one human race.

Black Friday Week?

Flame2Fame  WhatsApp Group brainstorming session, Saturday, 21st November 10:14am:

N: Hey, how about we do a Black Friday Week on our web shop?

C: Nah. I think, this is just another cheap, crap commerce marketing strategy, totally over commercialised, absolutely not sustainable. And in the end, the producer suffers. This used to be once just for one day, now it is for weeks. Really?

N: but everybody is doing it

C: Hahahaha, do we always do what others are doing? But to take one step back: why is it called Black Friday? What has colour to do with it? Why this black / white differentiation?

A: Why is black always put into a negative perspective ? Like black Friday, black pocket, black spot … it illustrates intransparency, negativity and fear.

N: Yeah, we are rainbow!

C: I think you just nailed it! Lets do this, but in our  Flame2Fame  way. Lets call it ” Rainbow Weeks “. We give a discount during this period and we DOUBLE the donations. Win Win. Lets turn this into something positive.

N: Yeah!!!

C: will put together a few mock ups over the weekend, Monday we can decide and put it live.

Update 23.11.2020 @ 21:32

C: Done, check it out



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