Bass & Guitar Straps
from upcycled Fire Hose
produced in social workshops

Flame2Fame is the desire to bring together different groups within society to join hands in conceiving, producing and distributing items used by musicians as accompaniments to musical instruments.
Flame2Fame is a socially engaged enterprise where its fundamental philosophy is about sourcing recyclable materials, manufacturing these by physically challenged people and market these products to the general public.

Standard Straps

Signature Straps

The mission: Make the world’s lowest-impact straps. Make them to last. Make them carbon neutral. And never stop pushing to make them better.

We believe our customers have a right to know how much their strap cost to make. We reveal the true costs behind all of our products.

Made for heavy instruments

Each sale includes a donation for the Foundation Against Racism

Straps supporting Viva Con Agua

Summer Sale! Up to 20% off on certain items.

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