Twelve successful months into the operations of Flame2Fame have shown us that we are on the right way.

Our products are well received, our cooperation with the workshops for people with special needs is fantastic and our sales go up.

Thanks to all involved!

We do think, it is now the right time and place to take this to the next level.
We therefore started our first crowdfunding project, which you can visit here:

Who we are

Flame2Fame is an eco friendly, social responsible company providing fashion & accessories produced from up-cycled materials.

Founded in February 2020, we decided to build a company that produces something useful whilst working with those who are challenged and build something of value and longevity.

We have entered the market by providing bass & guitar straps made from fire hose, produced in workshops for the disabled.

We turn waste into something useful with the help of those who need help themselves and we share our profits for good causes. Maximizing profit is not one of our core values.

Flame2Fame is providing work for the social enterprises involved in production and distribution of our products. We have agreed above the normal compensation to our partners. A great part of our profits are donated to various non profit organisations and foundations.

We are partnering with non profit organisations such as Doctors without Borders, Foundation against Racism (Stiftung gegen Rassismus) and Amnesty International and benefit from their networks.

What we intend

Flame2Fame is seeking a funding of EUR 30,000.

We will use this funding to purchase additonal production machines for our workshops for the disabled, provide training on those machines, pay salaries and create job opportunities.

With the ongoing success, Flame2Fame is planning to extend its product lines and become a global brand based on up-cycled material and social workforce. We are looking for people that believe in the future of social responsibility and up-cycling.

Flame2Fame wants to continuously transport messages alongside its products that are pro social, pro environment, humanistic, inter-cultural, pro diversity and pro gender.

Please help us with your funding to bring this to the next level